Xiong Jin’s Artistic Ideas of Cursive ScriptPassion • Depth • Harmony • Power • Simplicity

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“Passion”: Xiong emphasizes on expressing his surging emotions and romantic passion and manifesting his modest personality and humanistic spirit through calligraphy. The calligraphy thus executed is be full of passion, originality, freshness, and spirit. Xiong believes a calligrapher should harbor the full spirit of lofty enthusiasm, dive into and excavate the inward to experience the essence of life in order to to feel the infinite changes of the world. Xiong attaches great importance on passion, with which he talks to the ancients and channels their timeless spirit into contemporary interpretations, forming his distinctive cursive style full of creativity, imagination and self-confidence.


“Depth”:  Xiong pursuits the depth of the calligraphy’s image, imagination, and taste. As Chinese proverb “Only with inward tranquility, one can set for ambitious goals”, Xiong pursuits the depth of soul, cleaning of its filth, achieving the dynamism of the ink through tranquility. By pushing the remoteness and depth of the form, Xiong creates an infinite space of imagination, achieving the liberal serene, indulgent calmness, unadorned beauty, and spiritual sustenance. While within the form, Xiong demonstrates force of dynamic rhythm, creating a fluid space of life.


“Harmony”: The creation of an art work is a process of cleaning of mind and meditation for inner self. Calligraphy is best done when it looks natural and unrestrained, with a perfect balance between Ying and Yang, abstraction and concreteness, stiffness and softness, motion and stillness. Only with an cleaned mind, can the artist achieve the freedom, calmness, simplicity, dynamism of mind, thus eliminating the conflicting mind and achieving the harmony with inner self.


“Power”: Power is the life strength of calligraphy. Strength, posture, and movement constitute the artistic presentation of life in a wild cursive style. Xiong infuses his works with strength, texture, flow, rhythm, passion and ease of movement. Within an ease of movement, Xiong’s work gains an expression of majesty, energy, and austere, demonstrating his character full of sternness, intrepidity, and ethereality, further conveying the eternal power of life.


“Simplicity”: Minimalist, concise, pure, natural, and genuine. Xiong stresses the impressionism and spirituality of calligraphy. He has an eye on the overall momentum of majesty, vigor, simplicity, and austerity. With great attention to the cultivation of inner beauty, freedom of inner self, awakening of humanity by experiencing life and learning from the traditional culture, Xiong register his cursive style with an overall momentum, rhythm and spirit through minimal strokes and the exact execution of vivid detail. “Doing something while leaving out the others”, Xiong avoids the disruption of the overall by the trivial; instead, he harmonizes the detail with the overall. In other words, all the artistic expressions (no matter detail or wholeness, form or style, concept or idea) should conform to the philosophical and aesthetic expression of inner self, embodying the artist’s conception of inner dynamism and freedom of mind. 




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